This is Watford Test Centre, typical of many test centres situated throughout the country, where the pupil will meet the driving examiner for the first and hopefully the only time. 

The examiner will walk out from behind the blue door and call the name of the candidate, ask the candidate to sign the test form to authenticate being insured to drive the car (all driving school cars should be insured to cover any driver), and then ask to see the necessary documents, which are driving licence, theory pass certificate, and, if appropriate, some form of identification.

 The candidate will then be asked to lead the way to the car, pausing on the way for the statutory eyesight test (read a number plate from 20 metres, or 67 feet).

The test itself will take about 40 minutes, starting and ending in the test centre car park, which is just a short walk from the waiting room.

At the end of the test, the candidate will be told the result, and, pass or fail, will receive a de-briefing from the examiner.

Good Luck!